Southern Man


  • About “Southern Man” This song, off Neil Young ’s album “After the Gold Rush” was a comment on the white South’s rise to wealth and glory on the backs of black slaves.
  • Southern Man is a good song (AND IT IS JUST A SONG). Black people (most of them) are awesome, as well as some white people. With Obama being President of America, The failing economy, the crushing rate of unemployment, I think we .
  • Southern man. Lily Belle, your hair is golden brown. I've seen your black man comin' round. Swear by God, I'm gonna cut him down! I heard screamin' and bullwhips cracking. How long? How long? Submit Corrections. Lynyrd Skynyrd's song "Sweet Home Alabama", written by Ronnie Van Zant, was a southern man's response to this song.
  • Dec 31,  · Dm Fmaj7/C Southern change gonna come at last, Bb G7 Dm now your crosses are burnin' fast, southern man. | Bb Gm | Dm | Bb Gm | [Verse 1] Dm Bb Gm I saw cotton and I saw black, Dm Bb Gm tall white mansions and little shacks; Dm Bb Gm southern man when will you pay them back? A I heard screamin' and bull whips crackin'. How long, how long? Ah!
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  • Southern Man Written by Neil Young After The Goldrush, © Neil Young & Crazy Horse with Greg Reeves, Steve Stills, and Nils Lofgren. Neil Young's classic song is a strong rebuke of Southern racism and the harrowing legacy of lynching and slavery. He wrote.
  • Southern man better keep your head Don't forget what your good book said Southern change gonna come at last Now your crosses are burning fast Southern man I saw cotton and I saw black Tall white mansions and little shacks. Southern man when will you.

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